Learning through game based outdoor movement

Under the vision "learning through games and physical activity", Wittario wanted to change the way we learn. We boldly wanted to change a 1000 year old proven tradition of reading and listening, by improving it using technology.

The result is the Wittario platform, that moves audiences off their office chairs, school desks and sofas and out onto a fun and effective hunt for knowledge. The best part is that anyone can create content and games for all.

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Get your employees active at home - make them earn their sweatpants!

Home office and quarantine does something to us as social beings. Physical activity has health benefits both physically and mentally - here is how to make your employees more active.

This is how teachers activate home school students

Quarantine and home school is robbing students of physical play. At the same time, this might be when they need it the most.

Create a learning game in 30 seconds

Introducing distance based games! Create a game for multiple users, wherever they are, in as little as 30 seconds.

Try Wittario now!

Try for free. Create fun outdoor games. Let your friends, colleagues or students use the Wittario app to navigate to your task waypoints.

Wittario joins Telia Startup

Wittario has joined Telia Startup - a program that mentors companies that make use of communication technology.

Succeeding with game based marketing

One third of the worlds population are gamers. How do marketers reach this target group? By joining them!

The science behind it all

Wittario is funding a research project executed by Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Our aim is to observe the combination of physical movement and game mechanics in student learning activities and see if they experience that this increases their learning outcome.

Back to nature

The town of Hamar has long been an advocate of using nature as a classroom and has established Hamar Nature School to help facilitate this. Along with Prestrud Elementary School, they have started using Wittario.

Why Covid-19 has made us “outdoorsy”

Even though Covid-19 has morphed many people into couch potatoes, there are still many outdoors activities that are low risk.‍

Gaming - Seriously

The reasons why corporations should embrace game development.

Our Technology

Wittario has two main components; a player app and a content and game manager website.

Player app

The player app can be downloaded from App Store or Android Play. The app provides players with a navigation map to locate task waypoints. When reaching a task, the app will present a question or a task to be completed. Sometimes, a link to additional resources will be provided. Players will be notified how they are scoring compared to their competitors.

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Content creator and game manager

Content creators have many easy to use features at their disposal. Tasks can vary from multiple choice to photography tasks, video answers, augmented reality tasks, free text and more. Once the tasks are created – all that is left is to place waypoints on the map and assign a task to each one. Choose players or teams on off they go!

Currently we support the following languages: English, Norwegian and Polish.

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What is augmented reality (AR)?

AR is a technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data, for example using graphics and sound. You get an extra layer of information on top of what you would see with the naked eye. We do this through the lens of your digital device such as a mobile phone. The additional information will typically not replace reality, but expand it in one or more ways.

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