About Us

Company mission: Increase learning for schools and business through gamification and movement.

Company purpose‍

As Sherpas we guide our customers to the top of the learning mountain by;

Evolve learning outcome via an AR and GPS based educational game platform.

Engage learners in dynamic and collaborative problem solving.

Drive more efficient and memorable learning through highly immersive shared interactive experiences.

Synergise experiential activities, professional learning and collaborative problemsolving to ensure optimal learning conditions.

Create activities that foster a collaborative social fabric that engages, compels and retains interest.

The Wittario platform encourages movement, both indors and outdoors.

Game mechanics
We are motivated by friendly competition. We compete with ourselves or others.

The players can work together as a team to solve tasks.

Meet the team

Following our vision "learning through play and physical activity", Wittario is developing a GPS and augmented reality (AR) based game for education.

Lars Gunnar Fledsberg

CEO and Founder

24 years of experience from the IT industry, 6 of them within education technology. Co-founder and former CEO of educational technology company Skooler.

Tor Ove Henriksen

Chairman of the board and Founder

22 years of experience in the IT industry, 10 of them within education technology. Founder and CEO of education technology company Skooler.

Marius Mathisen

Development Manager

12 years developing experience. One of Norway's leading AR and GPS architects and developers.

Bjørn H. Christensen


25 years of experience as a teacher. Frequent user of outdoors classes and interactive games as part of the education. Previously head of ICT at Krapfoss School.

Jeanine Mathisen


Bachelor in graphics design (under education). Previous graphics design experience from Skooler i.a..

Game developers

Everyone has a Bachelor in game design and a very high competence in the development of games, AR and GPS.

Marius Svarverud

Game Developer

Bachelor in game development (final year student). Developed the following games: Avarice, Slice Knight PC port, Game unlocked, Oslo Havn 1798 (Oslo Docks 1798).

Jacek Janik


Jarek Kania

AR Developer

Wojtek Sek

AR Developer

Mateusz Ziolkowski

Junior React JS developer

Kamil Byrski


Mateusz Goluch

Project Manager

Martin Mirza

Unity Team Leader

Adam Rak

Senior React JS developer

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