3 ready-made games for business

In less than 30 seconds, you can create a game that creates engagement, ownership, and inclusion among your employees. Here’s three sample games you can test right now.

In these days, most of us spending our days at the home office, there is no doubt that we are more sedentary than before. No small talk by the coffee machine, no walk to the shop on the corner for lunch, no walking around the office on your way to the meeting room ... The verdict is in: We must get outside and move our bodies. This is where Wittario comes in.

We’ve made three free games that you can test with your colleagues, which will contribute to a bit of reflection around the times we are in.

Full flexibility with asynchronous games

The best thing about Wittario app is its flexibility. There are two different types of games: geographic games and distance games. With geographic games, employees can go a predetermined route with location-specific posts that you have created using a map. This works very well when it comes to social settings where the employees are physically gathered in one place.

But as you all know, it is not easy to gather people in the same place all the time, and this is where distance games come in. With distance games, the employees can play anytime, anywhere. All they need is an outdoor area and access to a mobile network; this is all about distance – not geography. Based on the length set in the game, players must walk a certain distance between each question. It can be 25 meters, 50 or 100, there’s no limit, and it’s you as the gamemaster who decides.

Create engaging games for your employees.

Here are three distance games you can try today:

1. Employees at the home office:

How can you, as an employee, work efficiently in your home office? Keywords in this game are self-management, rights and laws, advantages and disadvantages.

2. Remote leadership:

How to implement good remote management (how to lead employees in the home office) .

3. Walk-and-talk meetings:

Opens up for the good conversation.

The game codes for the three test games can be found here.

These are just three examples of what you can do, and only your imagination sets the limits. If you become a Manager in Wittario, you have access to over 200 ready-made games you can set up in less than 30 seconds. When you download a game, you have full control over the content, and can change, remove, or add as many questions as you want. This is inspirational for many gamemasters! If none of the ready-made games work for you, you can easily set up new games yourself.

This is how easy it can be done:

So, what can you use Wittario for?

There is no doubt that Wittario can contribute to increased well-being in the workplace (or rather, outside the workplace). For example, If you wish to know how your employees are really doing, you can use tasks such as free text, photo and video, where they have to be creative and give you answers to what you want to know. That way, you’ll be able to measure if your employees are doing OK.

You can also use Wittario for learning purposes, as a tool in courses and training, for example when you are onboarding new employees, or training employees who want to develop themselves. With AR and multiple-choice questions, players will answer either correctly or incorrectly, and get to know the correct answer right away. With free text, photo and video, the players will have to go a little more in the think tank and come up with the answers themselves.

What are you waiting for? The game codes for the three test games can be found here.
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