3 ready-made games for school

Wipe out the academic differences with digital games that teach, entertain, and engage your students. Encouraging physical activity is an important bonus!

There is no subject or topic you cannot take with you outside of the classroom, with the Wittario app in your pocket. To show how easy it is to make games that your students find fun, educational and interesting, we have set up three example games that you can test with the students right away.

What can you use Wittario for as a teacher?

With Wittario, only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to what kind of game you can make. With several different ways to get answers, based on what kind of questions you ask, you can create simple quizzes, in-depth tests, and maybe even other types of games to find out how your students are doing.

With AR and multiple-choice questions, players can choose an answer from different options, while those with free text, photo, and video forces the player to think more, and give the answers themselves. The fact that the students can formulate the answers themselves means that you can use Wittario as a tool not only at school, but also after school. Namely when it comes to homework.

Homework should be used to repeat and reinforce the learning done at school, and here Wittario is an invaluable tool. Homework is an incredibly effective way to connect home and school more, and in these times this is extra important. With Wittario, teachers can easily share games and assignments with students digitally.

Asynchronous gaming facilitates playing for all students

With the flexibility Wittario offers, there are few excuses that hold true if a game is not completed. There are two different types of games: geographical games and distance games. With geographic games, students can walk a predetermined route that you have created using a map. This works very well when the students are physically together.

However, this is not always a possibility these days, and this is where distance games comes in. With distance games, students can play anytime, anywhere. All they need is an outdoor area and access to a mobile network; this is about distance and not geography. Based on the length set in the game, students must walk a certain distance between each question. It can be 25 meters, 50, 100 or more, you as the gamemaster decides the distance.

Three distance games you can try today:

1. Digital outdoor schooling:

The game deals with the science subject and is well suited for outdoor school together with several other subjects.
The purpose is to shed light on some topics that you can carry in your school bag.

2. Good infection prevention in schools:

What is good infection control, and what rules apply?

3. Digital outdoor homework – human rights:

Use Wittario for homework. This game is a distance game that is a good example of lexicography with Wittario. Here, students are asked questions about human rights.

Find the three finished games here and get started!

These are just three examples of what you can do. If you become a Manager in Wittario, you have access to over 200 ready-made games that you can set up in less than 30 seconds. When you download a game, you have full control over the content, and can change, remove, or add as many questions as you want. This is a good source of inspiration for many teachers! If none of the ready-made games work for you, you can easily set up a game yourself.

This is how easy it can be done:

Now all that remains is for you to try it our yourself.
Find the three finished games here and get started!
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