5 ways to get your employees active in the home office

It has been over a year where many of us have been in the home office more or less throughout the period. How can you follow up all employees, their needs, development and at the same time facilitate that they get out into the fresh air?

1. Take the conversation with your employees outside in fresh air

Many have now become used to video conferencing and telephone conferencing, and the days can sometimes become quite intense. With a different technology and a different environment, the performance review with your employees can be experienced as something completely different - out in nature. How can you have the good conversation and follow-up of your employees, without it being just another video meeting? How can you get a feel on how you’re employees are doing, get the complete and honest feedback and create good relationships with them when they are at home office? Wittario can be used for this purpose, and if you work with HR or management, this is absolutely perfect for you. We have tested Wittario at several companies with great success!

2. Activity and fresh air as part of the work day

For many of us, sedentary work is pretty common, but it is no secret that it can be too much in periods. In "normal" times, you may have to walk, cycle or drive to external meetings and get the daily "break" on these transport stages. In these times, many of us sit in front of the screen for a whole day, and many "forget" to take breaks. As an employer, you can encourage internal walk-time during certain periods, and with Wittario you can have fun while you are outside. For example, a quiz can be set up with questions about the employees, or you can get to know some of the new employees and answer questions they have made themselves. The employees can play together in teams, even if they are out in their own immediate area, where they communicate and collaborate on the tasks to be solved. Distance based games can be played anywhere, anytime and we dare say it is for anyone! Create puzzles yourself, or find ready-made puzzle sets or inspiration at Wittario's own game library - and you have set up a game in no time!

3. Take a course outside

If you have one or more employees who regularly need training or certification, Wittario is perfect for you! Use Wittario to learn what you need in your own topics or disciplines, and prepare for the certifications with professional assignments in the Wittario app while you are out in the fresh air! We can almost guarantee that everything else will be boring after you have tried Wittario for this purpose. Research shows that this is the absolute best way to learn!

4. Onboarding of new employees

In a time of many layoffs, there are still many who hire. Being a new employee who starts at a home office can be experienced as demanding both for the employee - but also for the employer and the immediate manager. Wittario is perfect for on-boarding new employees, and can make the first time a little more flexible for all parties. Here, the new employee can get to know the company and their new colleagues before they start, when the new person is up and running, you can easily play on a team with your colleagues and thus get to know each other better - even in your home office! Get an introduction to the company's internal systems and general information with Wittario, and take the follow-up outdoors in the fresh air!

5. Leadership coaching with Wittario

Whether it is "regular times" or "corona times", leaders need regular training and a forum where you can develop and get professional input on how to solve your own tasks and at the same time be a good leader for others. How about taking the leadership training outdoors, and using distance games to uncover problems and solutions - and at the same time practice on the challenges you need as a leader or manager? If you are gathered at a leadership meeting, Wittario can be a perfect break on the agenda where you go outside to solve tasks and practice the things you have just gone through in plenary. The person who sets up the game gets a reporting tool, which collects all the answers of the participants. In this way, players can report needs, wishes and thoughts about the current situation and / or challenges. In other words, it is not necessarily always a decision for all tasks to be solved, but an opportunity for open questions that can be systematized and followed up to see change over time.

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