An augmented campus tour

What if you could onboard new students as a self service game? What if you could use the same onboarding game as a sales pitch?

For many of us, part of growing up is attending college or university. If we live close by, we might check out the campus before choosing our destination for the next 3-7 years. Once school starts, there are vast onboarding programmes making sure that students get settled in. There is another way...

While this is a well established and proven procedure, it may not fit all students. It certainly isn't modern.

We believe the Wittario plattform can be a permanent supplement to the traditional onboarding activities. Already at the prospect stage, a student-to-be may check out the campus and receive information through an interctive tour.

The school chooses the messaging - show video snippets as the game progresses, text, audio streams, interactive web based animations - the web technology is the limit. Simple tasks will motivate players to progress - creating a fun and modern approach to marketing. Best of all - this requires no feet on the ground and players may take their tour any time.

Once the semester starts, the same tour can work as an onboarding game. Where is the student councelor, where is the laundry, what clubs and fraternitys are there?

If your school is interested in a modern, fun and game based introduction for your fresh students - do not hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch if you need more information

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