Content in two languages

Wittario is both creating and translating content, making all collections available in Norwegian and English

In the Wittario content library, there are near 60 content collections. Most are in Norwegian and some are in English. Currently, we are translating all content so that all collections are available in both languages. In addition, we are creating brand new content in both languages.

We are also improving how users navigate and search for content in our content library. Until this functionality is in place, we have created a better structure for tagging and naming collections. To identify language of collections, we use nor and eng for Norwegian and English. Likewise, we have used work and school to separate business content from school curriculum related collections.


When testing Wittario, new users first choice of content is usually something on the lighter side. This is why we have tagged this type of content as fun. You may also try to search for other categories such as sport, science, biology, etc.

Remember that each task has their unique set of tags along side the tags added to the collection. So for "mixed tape" collections, you will still be able to find the tasks with content that is relevant for your query.

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