Create a learning game in 30 seconds

Introducing distance based games! Create a game for multiple users, wherever they are, in as little as 30 seconds.

Sometimes gamemasters want to create a game without having to define a fixed route, waypoints and tasks. This is especially useful when creating hundreds of games at once and where players are on different locations.

Useful for teachers

Teachers can assign games for students working from home. What about creating a homework game? Creating great learning games does not get much easier than this.

Create fun and engaging games for your employees

This is also useful for corporate users

Employers may create educational games for thousands of employees at once - wherever they are. This is a fun and useful activity for homeoffice workers. Create a healthy learning activity - something to do together while physically apart.

This is why we are introducing distance based games. All you do is choose the collection and which tasks to include. Set the distance of the game and start. Tasks will be distributed evenly along the route. You may also override this and set the task frequency to your preference.

Create a game using any task collection in as little as 30 seconds. Doubt it? Check this How-To video.

We suggest that you distance based games a go. Set up a game for yourself using either a Gamemaster or an Admin account. Register for free on our Content and Game Manager.

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