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The pandemic has led to more isolation, less activity and a decreased mental health among children and adults. We now want to challenge the sedentary everyday life with the help of the mobile phone.

Outdoor school gives health benefits

It is not the youth's fault that they are in too little activity right now. Large parts of everyday school life take place in front of a screen, with a less degree of contact with others, and the health benefits we know that children get from being out in activity are challenged.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, only half of children and you thunder the age of 15 meet the health authorities' recommendation for physical activity. At the same time, the guidelines for the pandemic have made it challenging to complete the school hours as before and facilitate physical activity throughout everyday school life.

In the Wittario app, we have made it possible to combine both physical activity with fun and engaging learning. Using AR technology, Wittario combines outdoor movement, interaction and problem solving. 

Outdoors activity

The coronavirus has forced us to think outside the box and find other ways to do familiar things. Game technology does not have to mean indoor activity. We believe it is entirely possible to combine good teaching, game technology and physical activity.

In Wittario we also encourage employers to facilitate for employees in the home office helping them to get a quick outdoors activity during the day. This can limit social isolation and be an important measure to improve mental health. We are convinced that it will result in increased commitment and more productive and satisfied employees.

Large companies such as Storebrand and Caverion already use Wittario for engaging gaming experiences in connection with management training with tailor-made games on our platform.

Free games

To counteract the negative effects of corona measures and challenge the sedentary everyday life, we have developed several mobile learning games that we now offer for free. 

For employees in the home office, we now provide free access to these games:

  • How to lead and motivate employees in the home office?
  • How can you as an employee work efficiently from home?
  • How to conduct a “Walk and talk” employee interview at home office?

For teachers and students, we now provide free access to these games:

  • How can you as a teacher introduce digital outdoor school for your students?
  • Good infection control in school.
  • How to do homework outdoors. 

Feel free download the Wittario app from Appstore or Google Play, and enter a game code available at this page!

Start the game and start walking in any direction. The tasks appear on the mobile phone after you have walked a distance that is predetermined in each game. We have created a "modern form of pedometer" that is activated using a GPS that is built into all types of smart phones.

Each player starts walking exactly where they want, whether it is outside their own home orin a hiking area.

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