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Existing functionality is modified based on customer feedback, but at the same time, brand new features are launched.

For the sharp observers who use our Content and Game Portal, the “Teams with communication” game type is an option.

Indoor and outdoor teams

Our new game, Teams with communication, is also made up of teams. One half of the team is indoors and another half is outdoors. The indoors team must speak to the outside team – guiding them to the task waypoints. The teacher decides when the indoor and outdoor teams physically need to switch sides.

"Playing teams with communication with students is a new experience for me after many years as a teacher. Students guide each other, solve assignments, and collaborate using their mobile phones. This helps students talk subjects in a completely different way.  The game provides a dynamic that students really appreciate. For example; we ran a competition in heavy rain – and even then the enthusiasm was peaking", says teacher Bjørn Christensen at Krapfoss school.

Quick games

One type of game that is not new, but has significantly changed, is Quick game. These are games that do not require any kind of pre-registration. A gamemaster, the one who starts games, can start a Quick game that generates a game code. Any Wittario user can participate in the game at any time using this game code.  

The game can be joined and completed until the gamemaster closes the game.

Quick games do not include free text, video or photo tasks since Quick games do not facilitate gamemaster feedback and reviews. In addition, navigation between waypoints will be in random order. The longest trails can thus become very long.

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