Get your employees active at home - make them earn their sweatpants!

Home office and quarantine does something to us as social beings. Physical activity has health benefits both physically and mentally - here is how to make your employees more active.

The new strict corona measures mean that many are left in isolation, even if they work from home with Teams or similar services. This has led both authorities, psychologists and researchers to fear for mental health consequences.

Both Governments and NGO's encourage employers to facilitate and encourage physical movement at the home office. This can limit social isolation and be an important measure to improve mental health. At Wittario, we are convinced that the result will be less sick leave, increased commitment and more productive and satisfied employees. Here lies an enormous socio-economic potential.

Wittario offers an outdoor game-based learning platform that helps home office employees get out into the fresh air while learning something. Games like these allow employees to do something together - individually.

Here are some examples of ready-made learning games from Wittario for home office employees and their managers:

Games for employees
  • How to work effectively in the home office
  • How to operate effective infection control
  • How to operate effectively privacy
Games for leaders
  • How to lead employees in the home office
  • "Walk and talk" employee interview for manager and home office employee

It is free to register with Wittario. It's easy to get started with learning games, either by using the content library or by creating brand new games from scratch.

You can also set up a game in less than a minute using ready made games available in our library. Distance-based games are created regardless of where the players are. Create a game for hundreds of home workers - sending them out on a "learning brake" during office hours.

We know that a high degree of involvement increases learning. We also know that movement and physical activity have a positive effect on brain activity. If we add a touch of gamification, we have the three cornerstones of Wittario. Game based learning combined with physical movement increases learning outcome.

Are you interested in finding out more about learning games from Wittario? You want your home working employees and managers to "earn" their sweatpants? Please register for a free admin account on our Content and game manager.

To get started - check out our How-to videos.

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