HR is more important than ever

Taking good care of your employees is vital when attracting and retaining talent. At the same time is more challenging as employees spend less time at the office.

How do we as employers make sure that we manage our employees well enough, miles apart in-home offices? Even before covid-19, the corporate world was moving towards companies with a more distributed work force.

“…collaboration, more than productivity, has been negatively impacted by the pandemic because so many employees are working remotely and have fewer opportunities to interact face-to-face. As a result, employees are feeling more disconnected from each other and the organization”. 2020 Future of Work is Now, OIGP

So how do we create a community of remote workers? For one, we can create outdoor activities for employees. Spending time together outdoors does not compromise the requirements of social distancing. Sharing experiences, seeing other people, participating in a common task – will build corporate culture.

If employers use these activities for something that is productive, even better. Wittario is a company that want to change how we learn. However, we regard “learn” in a very broad sense. We want employees to learn skills, learn how they are part of a whole, learn about their colleagues, learn to have fun together and learn how activity together has value.

So, what is Wittario? It is a game-based learning platform that combines learning, outdoor activity and game mechanics. Companies can create their own games or make use of the Wittario content library. Players navigate, using their Android or iPhone, between waypoints where they will find tasks such as multiple-choice questions, text-, photo- or video tasks. They can also be tasked with solving augmented reality mini games. Wittario is a fun and motivating way of obtaining knowledge or simply creating corporate culture.

Pay is still important to employees, but more and more people value personal growth, flexibility, learning opportunities and social corporate traits.

We believe Wittario is a tool for companies to differentiate themselves. We have identified several arenas where game-based learning and messaging can be a useful tool.

  • Corporate learning – game mechanics can make even the most boring compliance course become a fun task. Physical activity also has an added benefit of increasing brain activity and learning outcome.
  • Onboarding – make onboarding an event.
  • Team building – Wittario has an obvious potential for creating events and building corporate culture
  • Home office – use Wittario to erase physical distances when creating common experiences.
  • Employer branding – candidates can be tested using Wittario – with or without the recruiter present. It is fun, different and probably unexpected. Even if the process ends with a hire or not – the process will surely be remembered. Companies can even promote themselves creating games targeting specific schools or skillsets.
«At our company, not everyone is highly motivated to complete mandatory courses on privacy policy». Marit Buset, Privacy manager at 4Human
«Walk and talk meetings contribute to more openness, higher engagement while at the same time strengthening relations”. Mats Kristensen, general manager LeadershipWeekly

Corporate customers of Wittario can create their very own games based on their existing HR content and processes. They may also make use of the content library with topics such as:

We believe that game-based learning will motivate employees and create a healthy framework that will promote team building, collaboration and critical thinking. A touch of competitiveness will motivate even further.  

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