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Premium customers may receive content, or collections of tasks, from other Wittario users. They may also make use of the Wittario Content Library.

The Wittario content library contains collections for educators, HR-staff or for anyone that fancy a bit of trivia.

A collection is a set of tasks ready to be used in games. Some tasks are multiple choice questions, but they can also require players to write, shoot a video or take a picture. Some tasks make use of augmented reality - creating a mini game for the player to solve.

Usually a collection is theme based, but they can also be a mix of questions within a variety of topics. A single game can make use of multiple collections.

The collection library is far from finished. New content is being added weekly, and as users produce their own content, the library will expand even further.

Currently, there is a mix of themes and languages – but soon a better way of sorting will be launched. For now, we have segmented the collections in 3 categories: School, Work and General. Here are the current public collections.

If you want to create your own collections, register as an admin HERE and check out our How-To videos.

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