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Try for free. Create fun outdoor games. Let your friends, colleagues or students use the Wittario app to navigate to your task waypoints.

The Wittario app will get your friends off their couches, your students out off the classroom  and your colleagues out of the office.  

Set a theme for your game and choose from several different tasks. Maybe simply want a general trivia game with multiple choice answers? Maybe you want to give your colleagues a creative challenge, where photos, videos and free text is required to complete the tasks? Your students might fancy a game using augmented reality tasks?

The Wittario platform and app will provide a fun and motivating learning platform for all ages and roles.  At Wittario, we believe physical activity, game mechanics and outdoors fun is key to creating a top notch learning and messaging platform.

We will provide full functionality free of charge for a limited period. After this period, administrators and gamemaster accounts will be limited.

Use the player app to play:

Book an online demo:
• Demo for schools
• Demo for business

Use the Content and game manager to create games.

Need help getting started creating content? Check out these video tutorials.

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