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Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
CEO and Founder

Expand your HR toolkit

The Wittario platform enables you to turn your training programs to practical mobile games. Some of the identified traning types are:

• HSE training
• Infection control
• Privacy
• Work from home office
• "Walk and talk" training
• Onboarding

We even have a few pre-built games to get you started. Use them as is, modify them or create your very own.

Even the most boring compliance tests can be made interactive and fun with an outdoors learning experience in the form of a game.

In addition - Wittario can be used as team building exercises and good old corporate fun.

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How to create a distance based game

The Wittario platform is made to be simple, both for users and game admins.

When you register as an admin you're just a few minutes away from creating your own games.

Use existing content to create engaging distance based games for students or employees.

Follow this quick guide to get started creating games!

How to create AR tasks

Use AR technology to spice up your games. Select from ready made templates and use your existing content to get started quick.

The AR tasks together with outoors movement makes for a fun way to learn.

AR examples

Try a distance based Wittario game for free!

We have created a few fun and engaging outdoors distance based games for you to try out for free. Download the app, sign up to get your game codes today!

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Outdoor movement

Outdoors movement does a body and soul good, At Wittario, we believe this helps us think more clearly while enhancing our experiences.


The employees live fully into the game, which also makes it ideal for building a good company culturre, through good communication and collaboration. The results areactive and happy employees.

Game based

WITTARIO will get the employees moving and engaged in problem solving. Whether a person thrives on competition or not, they will enjoy the feeling they get from overcoming an obstacle and completing a goal.


Augmented reality is a technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data, for example using graphics and sound. You get an extra layer of information. The additional information typically does not replace reality, but expands it in one or more ways.

Content sharing

Content creators and game masters may choose to create public content. Search among thousands of content collections.

Game master interaction

The Wittario platform enables teachers and game masters to interact and guide teams or players during the game.

Multiple choice answers

Multiple choice answers, with up to ten different options, is included. There is even an AR multiple choice task available.

Rich content

Links to private or public web content enables rich experiences. Any content viewable from a browser, audio- or video player is available as supporting content.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is a digital layer on top of the reality that you see through the lens of your cell phone. We simply enhance reality with a touch of digital magic.

Game Progress Monitoring

Game masters and teachers can monitor team and player progress and location. After completed games, the same platform is used for evaluation and feedback.

Content Creation Platform

Content creators can choose between many task types; Video, photo, free text and augmented reality (AR) practical tasks are amongst the options. All is done from the user friendly platform found here.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone create games and content in Wittario?


Yes, anyone can register on the Wittario site and create questions and and gametracks.

What is a Wittario Game?


A game consists of two parts. A set of tasks (questions) and waypoints. There are several types of tasks, including multiple choice questions and more practical tasks using augmented reality technology and photo-missions. There will be a task associated with each waypoint.
Check out these How-to videos.

What is a collection?


A collection is a set of tasks. Preferably, the collections are theme based.

Check out this How-To-video

We also have a whole collection of videos to help you get started.

What platforms is Wittario available on?


The Wittario player app is currently support iOS and Android. The Wittario Game and Content Manager is web based.

Why do I have to state my employment when registering on the Wittario creator-site?


We currently have two payment plans. In order to qualify for the trial period with full access to all functionality, users must define their creator role as a “Work” or “School” user. All other users will become limited users with the option to create public content for a maximum of 15 players.

What is an AR object?


An AR object is a custom made digital object that can be placed in an augmented reality. A true AR object is something that you can move around. For example, you can view the world through the cell phone camera but with the added AR object. For example some named building blocks are placed in front of you, and your job is to create a tower of the blocks.

How much data will a game consume?


This entirely depends on the game creator. Some tasks will have supplementary links to video of high quality – some will be primarily text based.

As an example; a regular game, not making use of supplementary resources, with 10 questions over 15 minutes and 800 meters, will probably consume 0,2 MB of data.

Who is Wittario created for?


We boldly claim that Wittario was created for the betterment of mankind – in other words; all. We feel that obtaining knowledge and positive experiences is best done combined with outdoors movement. Anyone that is able to move outdoors, read and has a playful and curious attitude – is our target group.

What about participants unable to move outdoors?


The wittario solution is created so that indoors-teams may aid the outdoors-teams. This way, all are included. There is also a distance based game available - tracking steps and not just GPS.

My phone is stuck on the loading screen?


It can sometimes take a moment to start the app or a game, depending on your wireless access. Also make sure that the app is updated and that your phone is updated with the latest operating system (OS). Also make sure that you have granted the app access to location (GPS) and camera.

Is there a price plan for Wittario?


Here is the price plan for Work. For further information, site licence deals or for use within game based marketing, contact us at sales@wittar.io

What will happen to my account at the end of the trial period?


Your user will be converted to a limited user. Your private content will be deleted. Public content will remain. You will no longer have access to public content, other than your own. You can still create public content and some game types, but only for a maximum of 15 players.

Can anyone play Wittario games?


Yes, enjoy full functionality for 10 days. Then either buy a Premium or a Basic licence or continue with limited functionality.

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