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Keep students active and engaged with fun learning games!

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Do like more than 900 other schools worldwide and play, move, learn! Wittario is the perfect app for a fun and varied learning environment. Get your students out of the chair and make them move with Wittario games

Any subject can be active with Wittario

Since you can create your own tasks, it fits with every subject! You can create quizzes and tasks that students solve on the move.


Before, during, and after class

Wittario can be used in so many ways. Use Wittario before a class to get them ready for a subject, or during class to break up a session. It even works perfectly as a homework assignment!

Move around, have fun while you learn

Movement is important. With Wittario it is simpler than ever to accommodate for movement in a learning environment. Moving around and staying active, is not only healthy for the body, it's really good for the brain.

Why Wittario?



/ per year

Create your own games

Up to 100 players per Game Master

Access to content library


100 additional players

/ per year

100 additionalplayers

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Get access to over 300+ games from the marketplace!

Not sure where to start? No worries, you can download and play ready-made games, or tailor them to fit your business.


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