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Strengthen leadership, teams learning and creativity in a fun way!

Wittario is about engaging leaders and teams in games and conversations that develop people, their skills, relationships and culture through sharing, learning and gaining new insights.

Use Wittario to:

Improve employees engagement
Develop culture and competence
Create exciting conversations
Increase everyday learning in the workplace
Compete with colleagues
Increase employee wellbeing
Improve & learn new skills

Break the norm, spike engagement!

Using Wittario can break up any type of events. Wether its digital learning or physical meetings! Wittario is a flexible tool, and can be used before, during or after for example courses, workshops or training sessions.


You can use Wittario for...

Walk & Talk meetings
Use Wittario to create good conversations and shared experiences to strengthen unity, collaboration and performance in the team.

We believe that asking questions, to both oneself and to others, is necessary for development. Through reflection and dialogue, new insights are created. Through good conversations, the unity and interaction between colleagues and teams is strengthened.
Onboarding and reboarding
Use Wittario to onboard and reboard collegues in a new & fun environment. Use the app to create good conversations, share experiences and solve tasks together to strengthen unity, collaboration and performance between collegues and the team.

It provides an opportunity to get to know each other better on a personal and collegial level, through us sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experiences with each other.

This creates well-being, trust and security in a team, the very foundation for performance and innovation in an organization.  
Use Wittario to make workshops fun, engaging and productive! Use the app before workshops to prepare or introduce a new topic, or to map current knowledge.

Use the app in workshops to engage, reflect or educate in a topic. After the workshop you can use Wittario to retain knowledge, test new knowledge and evaluate the workshop.
Use Wittario to facilitate fun and effective team building activiities.
Wittario enables you to train communication skills, build trust, increase creativity and reduce conflicts by helping the team understand each other better.

Wittario can be played either with solo games or team games. Use the diffrerent task types in Wittario to engage, motivate and create memorable experiences.

... and much more!

Wittario is a platform that enables you to create your own learning experiences. These are just some examples of how others have used Wittario in the past.

Training and courses



/ per year

Create your own games and distribute in the organiation

Get access to the content library


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Registered players with stats that can play games

Game Masters that can create own games and distribute in the organization


See how others use Wittario:


Leadership training with great success!

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A creative way to break up digital learning

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