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Create, play, move,

Are you ready to create games and play them with friends,
colleagues and students?

Wittario consists of just three simple steps:
Create your own game
Easily create your own game
in Wittario Manager
share the game code
Share the Game Code with
friends or colleagues
go out and play!
Play the game with
the Wittario App!

Create your own game or use our library

Create your own tasks, routes and game to play with your group. This is all done in Wittario Manager, our web app!

Not sure what tasks to include?
No worries, you can use our library to find a game you like. If you want, you can even add or remove questions! The possibilities are endless.

Multiple-choice? Photo? AR?

There are many ways to play a game. Having different types of tasks creates variety and fun.

AR? Photo? Choose your task types!

Walk here, or walk everywhere!

Gather your peers and play a set route with route-based games! Make players move to waypoints and answer tasks there.

Distance-based games can be played everywhere. Just move the set distance, and answer the task.

You’re done!
Let’s go out and play.

That’s it! You are ready to go out and play.
You can either invite players by e-mail, or you can give them the Game Code.

Happy hunting!

Get started. It’s free!

The best way to see if you like it, is to try it out. Signing up to Wittario Manager completely free!


Gather points and top the leaderboard!

The Wittario App is where it all comes together!

You can choose to play without registering… BUT if you register you get your own stats, how far you’ve walked - your total points and feedback on any creative tasks that the Game Master reviews.

Sound great, huh?

Download the wittario app

Review and give feedback

As a Game Master you can review creative tasks, and see all answers that are submitted by the Players.

If there are any creative tasks involved, you review and give them points. The Players will get the feedback right in the app! (If they are registered, of course)

Want us to show you around?

Want to have a talk about how you might use Wittario?
Request demo with us, and we’ll happily have a talk when it suits you!

Remember, it’s always free to try it out yourself.
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