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Several requested functions in place after app update

More features, better performance and better user experiences: The Wittario app is finally updated!

Try Wittario now!

Try for free. Create fun outdoor games. Let your friends, colleagues or students use the Wittario app to navigate to your task waypoints.

Wittario has a place in the mentor program Telia Startup 2021

Wittario has been selected as one of ten technology companies that have been placed in Telia Startup – a program that mentors companies that use communication technology.

3 ready-made games for school

Wipe out the academic differences with digital games that teach, entertain, and engage your students. Encouraging physical activity is an important bonus!

Client story: Prestrud school

Prestrud school in Hamar municipality, have tested Wittario on some of its students and the verdict is clear: THIS we are going to use much more in the future!

Wittario in a podcast

Wittario's game educator Bjørn Christensen was part of the podcast "Rekk opp Hånda".

Client case: Caverion

When Caverion started a new leadership development program, they wanted a creative way to break up the digital learning. The choice fell on Wittario, and that’s a decision they are very happy with!

Client case: Storebrand

Storebrand is constantly looking for and exploring tools that can create engagement, unity and learning. Live Leer, who is HR manager Management and learning at Storebrand, has tested Wittario for several activities internally.

5 ways to get your employees active in the home office

It has been over a year where many of us have been in the home office more or less throughout the period. How can you follow up all employees, their needs, development and at the same time facilitate that they get out into the fresh air?

Wittario joins Telia Startup

Wittario has joined Telia Startup - a program that mentors companies that make use of communication technology.

Get your employees active at home - make them earn their sweatpants!

Home office and quarantine does something to us as social beings. Physical activity has health benefits both physically and mentally - here is how to make your employees more active.

This is how teachers activate home school students

Quarantine and home school is robbing students of physical play. At the same time, this might be when they need it the most.

Succeeding with game based marketing

One third of the worlds population are gamers. How do marketers reach this target group? By joining them!

Create a learning game in 30 seconds

Introducing distance based games! Create a game for multiple users, wherever they are, in as little as 30 seconds.

The science behind it all

Wittario is funding a research project executed by Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Our aim is to observe the combination of physical movement and game mechanics in student learning activities and see if they experience that this increases their learning outcome.

Getting students off the couch when at home

Covid-19 has made home school a common exercise. At Krapfoss elementary, Wittario is used to get students on their feet.

Content in two languages

Wittario is both creating and translating content, making all collections available in Norwegian and English

Back to nature

The town of Hamar has long been an advocate of using nature as a classroom and has established Hamar Nature School to help facilitate this. Along with Prestrud Elementary School, they have started using Wittario.

Why Covid-19 has made us “outdoorsy”

Even though Covid-19 has morphed many people into couch potatoes, there are still many outdoors activities that are low risk.‍

Gaming - Seriously

The reasons why corporations should embrace game development.

Students thrive when physically active during their school-day

Both students and teachers say that physical and mental health has improved, according to research project.

HR is more important than ever

Taking good care of your employees is vital when attracting and retaining talent. At the same time is more challenging as employees spend less time at the office.

The Wittario content library - pick your favorites

Premium customers may receive content, or collections of tasks, from other Wittario users. They may also make use of the Wittario Content Library.

Collaboration with Loops

Wittario is collaborating with the Swedish company Loops, owned by the Norwegian EdTech Skooler.

From the drawing board

What's new from the developers workbench...

School like the stone age – but modern

Nature is an excellent teacher in itself, and by taking education outdoors we create an optimal learning environment.

Digital tools for outdoor learning

School is changing - both in form and content. Digitalization and outdoors activities are key, yet they can be difficult to combine. New tools are being developed to overcome these challenges.

Preventing boredom in the classroom

The podcast "Lærerrommet" (in Norwegian) talks about how teachers can prevent boredom in the classroom.

An augmented campus tour

What if you could onboard new students as a self service game? What if you could use the same onboarding game as a sales pitch?

From marketing messages to marketing experiences

Wittario is a learning and marketing platform that will create experiences worth remembering. We believe experiences and involvement create brands - not mere messaging.

Augmented real estate viewings

Wittario is changing how we view real estate. Reach potential buyers with your marketing messaging as part of a game. Make use of augmented reality to visualize the real estate on site, and much more...

Walk and talk... and maybe play

There is an increasing trend to have “walking meetings” in corporate life. Is it merely to get some fresh air, or is there a greater benefit?